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The following is a list of Third-Party components used in this web system
Piccolo Framework v. 1.0 Copyright © 2003- Logic Labs

The Piccolo framework is a portal framework for constructing web solutions and is based on MS .NET. This framework provides infrastructure for managing navigation, security, and business entitiy associations for this web solution.


Copyright © 2000- IC#Code, All rights reserved

#zipLib is a compression library and contains the algorithms for Zip, GZip, BZip2, and Tar implementations for .NET

Prototype Javascript Framework, v. 1.3.1

Copyright © 2005- Sam Stephenson

Prototype is a Javascript library for wrapping several DOM and event models in various web browsers as well as a mechanism for enabling unified AJAX functionality

Rico Javascript Framework, v. 1.1-beta2 Copyright © Sabre Airline Solutions

Rico is a Javascript library for wrapping Prototype and the AJAX functionality it provides, as well as providing an effects library that works in several web browsers. Rico contains several interactive components for providing things like drag-drop and movement transform vectors.

Behaviour Javascript Framework, v. 1.1 Copyright © 2005- Ben Nolan, All rights reserved

Behaviour is a Javascript library which supports the Separation-Of-Concerns (SoC) concept by removing Javascript from (X)HTML and allowing a post-loading CSS selector style model to attaching functionality to known components using a "stylesheet-rule list".